B2C, E-commerce and COVID-19 Pandemic

B2C, E-commerce and COVID-19 Pandemic:

The below are few bullets we consider appropriate to pay attention to at this time in our approach to your business

Move your customers online

Ensure your e-commerce platform meets the needs of B2B and B2C customers

Streamlining your returns process is also key

Create an account and list your products, goods and services on Needshub

Deal with demand and supply chain disruptions
Put in safety measures to protect your customers
I don’t have an account yet: Is it too late to create one Needshub platform simply expand you to new regions and markets

After this significant shift and giant step to e-commerce, it is likely that customers experience with online activity continues to grow.
This means that launching an e-commerce store gives you a significant edge not only to meet the changing behaviour of existing and prospective B2B customers now,
but also after the coronavirus ( #Covid19 ) outbreak and lockdowns are over.


A shift from business-to-business (B2B) to business-to-consumer (B2C) models

Across the globe there is a reductions in business-to-business (B2B) demand due to the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic, However while businesses were closed during lockdown,  e-commerce services have experienced a surge in home deliveries (business to consumer demand or B2C).
All you need is a platform that delivers result without a hustle. 


I don’t have an account yet:

It is not too late to create one, Needshub platform simply expand you to new regions and markets

As demand for e-commerce grows, now is a critical time to offer an e-commerce channel, classified attributes to ensure revenue and
continue to service your clients.
If you till only have physical stores, and not yet a web store, it is indeed a right time and not too late to launch an online presence.

There are long and short term possibilities in achieving your goal and meeting customer behaviour and satisfaction.

Of course www.Needshub.com is a classified web store that helps you to go live quickly to meet the current demand for e-commerce and classified distribution of
online contents (  goods, products and services )

Together we will fight the pandemic, Stay safe, observe physical distancing, your nose mask is also useful when appropriate and to cap it all, personal hygiene.