5 Things Startup Marketers Can Teach Big Companies

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Communitech’s Technology Leadership Conference this week. The audience was a mix of marketers from smaller and larger companies so I thought it would be good to do a talk on the differences I am seeing between how small, high-growth companies are doing marketing versus their larger peers. I think the really interesting differences are less around WHAT they are doing differently  (i.e. startups are doing more social media and big companies are doing more traditional marketing) and more around HOW they are doing it.

The really successful smaller companies I see are managing a revenue pipeline that starts with marketing, they are embracing agile methodologies, they are hugely data-driven and they have cross functional teams working on marketing projects. I’ve written about this before on this blog, but I  believe this is the way marketing will be run in the future and there is a lot that larger organizations can learn from how startup marketers are getting it done.

Here are the slides. I would love to hear your thoughts. Is your company moving in this direction? Do you think we are seeing a shift in how we run marketing?