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Give And Ye Shall Receive

Lots of entrepreneurs constantly – and quite understandably – hustle to get their businesses off the ground. They need customers, investors, connections, recommendations, etc., which means all that hustle typically translates into aggressively asking for those things. You know, "Ask and ye shall receive..." and all that.

And occasionally, every now and then, often in moments of weakness or guilt, someone actually says, “Yes.”

But there’s a better approach: The best way to get noticed is not to constantly ask but to constantly give – or, as Tim O’Reilly says,

Entrepreneurial Possesion

images[1] (2)I can’t believe it’s another fortnight again and I’m writing the third article in this series of building an enduring wealth.
Thumbs up for ‘my Oga @ d top’ who insisted/forced me to do what I had abandoned since eight years ago.
I’m grateful for this golden opportunity and the feedback I’ve gotten so far.

5 Secrets Entrepreneurs Will Never Reveal

When I started my career over 30 years ago, I never set out to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to work at a big corporation and become the CEO. But, in 1988, the entrepreneur bug got me after I read “Growing a Business” by Paul Hawken. He describes having your own business as a magical dream. While I would characterize it differently, here are 5 things I wish other entrepreneurs would have told me:

How High Standards Can Hurt Your Business

I was sitting in the reception area of a new client the other day and I always take the time to look around, as reception areas start to tell you what the organization is like. I noticed on the wall there was a big sign that extolled the vision of the organization. It said; 'We will exceed our Customer expectations at all points of contact'. I knew then that I was in for an interesting debate with this organization. This may sound odd coming from a Customer Experience person but the reality is that it is totally unrealistic to exceed Customers expectations at all moments of contact.